• How do I know if I need to take Zendic Plus?

    A population based cross sectional study of 729 men aged 30 and above showed Erectile dysfunction is common amongst men. Age is the single most important physiologic factor affecting erectile function. The prevalence and severity increased significantly with age after 40 years old. Even men in their 30’s are experiencing the debilitating lifestyle impact of mild ED. Most men do not deal with their sexual health or take preventative measures to stay healthy until the effects of relationships are affected. Think about it and ask yourself "Are things really the same as they were 5 years ago?" Every man can benefit from promoting and maintaining optimum sexual health.

  • How often do I need to take Zendic Plus?

    Zendic Plus should be taken once in the morning and once around dinner time regularly. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

  • Can Zendic Plus be taken all at once or throughout the day, preferably with food and liquid?

    It is preferably not to take all at one go, since it is supposed to last throughout a day. Your sleep may be affected if is taken too late in the evening since some of the herbs are meant to give you more energy.

  • Does Zendic Plus have any side effects?

    Unlike prescribed drugs, there are no known side effects from the combined herbal ingredients in Zendic Plus provided you take as directed. All herbs are are 100% natural and are formulated in GMP standard, and HSA compliant.

  • Can I take Zendic Plus with medications?

    Yes. Zendic Plus is 100% natural health supplement and is not in any direct conflict with any drugs or supplement which you are already consuming; however, we recommend you keep an hour apart from your medication and consult your health care provider of there are any irregularities.

  • How long will it take for Zendic Plus to work?

    Some men experience noticeable improvement in a few days, while in others it might take from a few weeks to 30 days. Most of the studies surrounding ED and the ingredients in Zendic Plus have demonstrated the most benefit and quality of life improvements from consistent use for a period of months. It is also best to continue taking it even after your ED has improved as this will help maintain ongoing optimal sexual health and maximum immune support.

  • How is Zendic Plus different from other natural supplements?

    Zendic Plus is uniquely formulated through research and studies by professionals who deal with urological disorders and men’s health in practice. The herbs have a long history which in various cultures and have been used as aphrodisiacs in various parts of the world. The potency level of each ingredients used are optimized to achieve best results.

  • Is Zendic Plus all natural?

    Yes, Zendic Plus contains all natural vegetable ingredients and is Halal Certified.

  • I am a diabetic. Is it safe for me to take Zendic Plus?

    Yes, the ingredients used in Zendic Plus are made safe for diabetics and high blood pressure.

  • How can Zendic Plus help in my decreased libido?

    As men age, they experience a decline in testosterone and, in many cases, increases in estrogen levels. The result is a testosterone/estrogen imbalance that directly causes many of the debilitating health problems associated with normal aging such as ED. Unique to this formulation, Zendic Plus ingredients naturally boosts the testosterone level to maintain balance as well as promoting sexual energy.

  • I do not think I have any ED or Mild ED. Will I still get a benefit from Zendic Plus?

    All men at some point have a lesser than satisfactory testosterone level which has a significant impact on quality of sex life, sexual function and general health. It is a serious issue and the problem is that most men do not deal with or take preventative measures to stay healthy until it is too late.