ZENDIC PLUS Most popular and Best-selling men’s health supplement.



Since 2010, Zendic Plus has been the most popular and best-selling men’s health supplement in most mainstream retail outlets and pharmacies in Singapore and Malaysia, such as OG, Guardian, Unity and i-Care, with the principle of improving the health and well-being of men.

Choosing a good supplement should be a wise decision for every man. As a premium men’s health supplement under Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer, Zendic Plus has won the trust of customers including various healthcare providers as well as pharmacy retailers, providing the most effective way for men to ensure they get the range of health improvements and improve quality of life.

Zendic Plus is a natural health product with ingredients that have been scientifically researched and proven effective to enhance men’s general health without any side effects. We have been integrating with an international medical team to provide the best-quality health solution to every man for maintaining good health, restoring confidence and enjoying the great life of a real man.


Who Are We?

RUYI Group of companies have established in the medical and wellness market worldwide, with a prominent presence in various countries: Germany, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Indonesia, China and more for over 20 years. We enhance lives with science-based health solutions to help our customers care for themselves and their families. A medical advisory board consisting of international and local medical doctors as well as scientists forms a strong core of support for Zendic Plus.


International Medical Advisory Board


To create the miracle of “Always 25!” – To possess the health, vitality and beauty of a 25-year-old & enjoy the true quality of life.


In association with international medical experts and research teams, we strive to develop high-quality biotechnology products to fulfill the needs of the body.


To be strictly disciplined and professionally trained; With a caring heart, disseminate the latest wellness knowledge and healthcare information.
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